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Common causes of truck accidents in California

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents happen too often on the roads of California. Trucks are vital to the nation’s economy as the more you see, the stronger it is. But, they can cause some of the most horrific and tragic accidents you see on the news today. Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents in the state of California.

All too often we are hearing of distracted driving accidents. Truck drivers are not immune to these types of accidents either. Distracted driving occurs most often when a mobile phone is present, but it can also occur when changing the radio station channels, eating, talking to passengers and more.

Speed is a common cause of truck accidents in California. Big trucks take a while to get up to the speed limit and even longer for them to stop if going too fast because of their size and weight of the load they are hauling. Speed has long been a leading cause of truck accidents, but is dropping down the list recently because of the increase in distracted driving incidents.

Drowsiness can also cause truck accidents. Truck drivers are required to take breaks every so often during their trip. If they don’t, they easily become drowsy or even fall asleep at the wheel. Falling asleep at the wheel is incredibly dangerous no matter the time of day it occurs. Truck accidents caused by drowsiness can be catastrophic, leading to serious injuries and even death.

An unbalanced load on a truck is another common type of accident. When the load of a truck is not secured properly, or is unbalanced, it can shift. A shift in the load can cause the truck to rollover on the road. An improperly secured load could also come loose from the truck and fall all over the roadway or hit other vehicles on the roadway.

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