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Mild traumatic brain injuries are still a major injury

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Serious And Fatal Injuries |

After a car accident, you might think that you got away with only scrapes and bruises, or that your injuries only included a hurt limb. These should certainly receive proper medical attention, and you should also make sure that your medical care provider looks for signs of a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Mild TBIs can be devestating precisely because they are difficult to identify, but their effects can accumulate to dismantle a victim’s entire life.

If you received any blow to the head, even if you don’t remember experiencing one in your accident, you may not experience symptoms right away, which often leads to poor treatment or no treatment at all.

This is a major mistake, one that might cost your job or your closest relationships.

If you believe that you may have suffered a mild brain injury, please get proper medical treatment as soon as you can. Once you begin to address the issue, do not hesitate to seek out the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help evaluate your experience and examine your options for seeking fair compensation for your injury.

A TBI can affect nearly every area of your life for a long time

When you hit your head in an accident, it is similar to lightly scrambling an egg you’re making for breakfast. Sure, maybe you didn’t totally scramble the egg, but any scrambling at all can lead to serious consequences.

In the same way, even a relatively small blow to the head can still lead to a brain injury, and any brain injury can have very real consequences.

The symptoms you experience may be easy to recognize, and also very disruptive. You may suffer from ongoing headaches, nausea and even seizures after the accident. It is simple to see how these symptoms may gristly disrupt your life and career.

However, many of the potential symptoms are less obvious, but no less destructive. You may experience great difficulty understanding a conversation, as if the words just don’t make sense to you like they used to, or you may find that you constantly misinterpret the context of what a person is saying.

You may also find that you are regularly frustrated very easily, or cannot concentrate on simple tasks. When confronted with a difficult situation, you do not have the ability to remain calm and reason your way through it like you used to.

You may feel as though your head is in a fog all the time, or even lose some of your ability to smell and taste things. You may even experience some personality changes that are difficult to explain to your loved ones.

Unfortunately, all or some of these symptoms may last up to a year after the accident. If you suddenly can’t perform your job like you could before the accident or participate in your closest relationships, you may risk losing them. If you simply aren’t yourself for almost a year, y ou could lose everything you hold dear.

Don’t fight it all alone

You may be feeling very isolated following this kind injury, but you don’t have to fight for relief by yourself. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, your rights can remain protected as you pursue fair compensation for your injuries and work to get back to being yourself.

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