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February 2017 Archives

Steps to take following California car accidents

Car accidents occur on the roads of California each day and many people don't even blink an eye. So many people are used to sitting in traffic due to car accidents and they don't realize how stressful they can be until involved in one themselves. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but it can, and you need to be prepared. Here are the steps to take following California car accidents.

Arrive alive! Winter travel tips for California motorists

Driving in the winter can be hazardous for everyone, even the residents of beautiful Manhattan Beach. While this area does offer some of the finest weather in the nation, it remains important to be cautious during the winter, particularly when we get an all-to-rare rainfall.

Treatment for serious injuries can continue past acute care

Here is the common scenario people envision following a serious accident injury in California. You are taken to an emergency room or acute care facility for urgent treatment. Once you are out of immediate danger, you enter a hospital room where you can settle down and recover with the help of the facility's staff. After some time has passed and you have largely healed from your injuries, it is time to go home and continue your recovery.

How do I stay safe while riding a motorcycle in California?

Motorcycles are incredibly common in Manhattan Beach, California. Because of their popularity they can be involved in quite a few accidents when not seen by other drivers or when not knowing how to operate the bike. So, how do I stay safe while riding a motorcycle in California?

Tips to keep pedestrians safe on Manhattan Beach roadways

One of the greatest joys of living in Manhattan Beach is the weather. Residents are able to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. While the weather does not present too many problems in this region of California, there is one thing that can and does make walking a dangerous activity: Negligent or reckless drivers.

Did you lose your husband in a car crash?

A fatal accident never happens when we expect it to. One minute you're saying goodbye to your husband as he leaves for the insurance office. You spend your day at home as usual, caring for your children, taking them to school and looking forward to seeing your husband after work. However, you never see him again. A tragic car crash caused by a drunk driver takes his life as he's heading home from work that evening.

California drivers: New law brings new meaning to hands-free

Distracted driving accidents continue to put the lives of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and every other person on the road in jeopardy. Despite numerous legislative efforts, distracted drivers continue to use their phone and get distracted, whether they realize they are breaking the law or not.

Lawsuit targets California city after a fatal pedestrian accident

Issues of poor lighting and negligent design are at the forefront in a lawsuit targeting the city of Los Angeles. In April of 2016, two women, a 69-year-old mother and her 31-year-old daughter, died after being struck by a Subaru Forester. The auto-pedestrian accident occurred in the West Hills area at the intersection of Roscoe Boulevard and Jason Avenue. The daughter and sister of the victims has filed a suit against the city.

Truck driver may have been asleep prior to crash

A crash last week in Fresno, California left a large semi truck on its side and a Greyhound bus with damage to its rear end after the truck driver lost control of his vehicle and caused the wreck. Investigators don't believe that the truck driver was drunk or intoxicated in any way when the crash occurred, but they are leaning towards the theory that he was asleep or fatigued. The driver says he doesn't remember what happened in the build-up to the crash.

Numerous laws in California address distracted driving

There are many dangerous driving behaviors that occur out on the road. People operate vehicles when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol; they drive cars when they are sleepy or fatigued; and they drive their cars at unsafe speeds. These behaviors keep happening, even though massive strides have been taken in the last few decades to curb these dangerous driving acts.

Stay safe while walking in Manhattan Beach, California

California is a busy state, filled with residents who enjoy the outdoors. Manhattan Beach offers easy access to the ocean and pleasant weather year-round, which means pedestrians often fill the city's roadways. Walking is an excellent way to exercise and provides many environmental benefits. However, walking instead of driving can pose hazards to the population.


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