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Hit-and-run accidents: A race to find the driver responsible

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

A hit-and-run accident is shameful, not only because it is against the law to get into a traffic accident and leave the scene without speaking to police, but also because drivers have a civic duty to make sure no one has been hurt. If a motorist hits another car, bicyclist or pedestrian, there is always the chance of injuries that need to be dealt with swiftly in order to protect the injured person’s life.

Although it is rare, sometimes, hit-and-run drivers escape an accident scene and they never get caught. These cases are extremely problematic from a personal injury law perspective. When the responsible party remains unknown, injured persons are unable to file a personal injury lawsuit to hold him or her accountable, and they will not be able to get the money they need to pay for medical bills and other damages caused by the crash.

Earlier this week, one such accident occurred in South Los Angeles. A 75-year-old woman was trying to walk across the street when a driver hit her and then escaped the scene. Police eventually arrived and pronounced the woman dead. No witnesses were able to give a description of the vehicle that hit the woman. Authorities have nothing to go on and they have been asking the community to please notify them should anyone have information that could help them to identify the driver.

Identifying a hit-and-run car accident driver is a race against time. The longer police are unable to locate him or her, the colder the trail becomes. Los Angeles residents injured by such drivers — and family members of those who are killed — may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer who can take action quickly to try and locate witnesses, surveillance video footage and other evidence that might help in police determining who was at fault for the crash.

Source: Patch, “Pedestrian Killed in South L.A. Hit-and-Run Crash ID’d as Inglewood Woman,” Dec. 19, 2016

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