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What should you wear when riding a motorcycle?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Whether or not you enjoy riding without a helmet, studies have shown that certain protective gear can make a difference if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. Helmets are probably the most important safety gear since they protect critical brain functionality and reduce the chance of traumatic brain injury in certain accidents. Without a helmet, even a minor topple from the bike could be deadly or otherwise disastrous.

In addition to helmets, though, what should motorcyclists don to increase safety on the road? Gloves are another good piece of safety gear. Thick gloves designed for riders protect the skin on your hand if you fall. During falls, it is instinctual to guard your face with your hands or place your hands down on the ground. While gloves won’t provide complete protection, especially against forceful injuries such as fractures, they can keep your skin intact.

Full body coverage might also be important for some of the same reasons, and if you ride off road, you might consider investing in padded body coverage. Pants, jackets and body suits can all provide some protection. Most experts advise that you never ride in shorts and that you wear thick leather or denim pants. Some even say you should wear coverage on top of your jeans when possible and wear a leather jacket in all weather.

Finally, you might want to wear boots instead of sneakers — and you should never wear flipflops or sandals. Even with the right gear, you can still be injured in an accident in California. If you are and the accident was the fault of another driver, you could have a case for compensation that might help you pay for medical bills and recovery.

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