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What happens when a pedestrian is injured on the interstate?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2016 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrian accidents are particularly horrific accidents. Oftentimes, the pedestrian can suffer from catastrophic injuries or death. Many pedestrians who are injured in an accident with a car will opt to seek compensation for their injuries. If that accident happens on one of the interstates that crisscross California, the claim for compensation will often include very complex elements.

Why are interstate pedestrian accidents so complex?

Pedestrian accidents that occur on the interstate are complex because pedestrians have a duty to keep themselves safe. Walking along an interstate, which often has a very high speed limit when compared to residential streets, comes at a high risk. Some pedestrians opt to take the risk in order to walk across the roadway; however, some pedestrian accidents occur after another accident or a disabled vehicle incident. Even with that duty present in the case, it is still often possible for pedestrians to seek compensation.

Who can be held liable for a pedestrian accident on an interstate?

There are several defendants that can be named in a pedestrian accident that occurs on the highway. The driver of the vehicle that struck you can be named as a defendant. The driver’s insurance company, the federal agency, state agencies and entity responsible for the upkeep or safety factors of the highway might also be named as a defendant in the case.

If you were one of the pedestrians involved in an interstate accident or if your loved one was killed in this type of accident, you might decide to seek compensation. Making sure that you understand how to handle this type of case is crucial if you want to pursue a claim.

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