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What is recklessness defined as?

Driving dangerously means that you're a negligent or reckless driver. Recklessness is when your conduct is so inconsiderate that you're not thinking about what could happen to you or others if you act that way. For example, speeding in a neighborhood is reckless behavior, since you could hit a child or crash and hurt yourself.

Recklessness isn't a singular behavior. It's more of a state of mind. It's when a person isn't thinking about him or herself or others, so he or she is making dangerous choices. Prosecutors look at the crash or actions to decide if a person was reckless. For example, if the individual didn't know that an action was dangerous, then it's possible he or she wasn't acting recklessly. Comparatively, everyone is familiar with speeding being dangerous, so someone who speeds knowing that is being reckless. Speeding because of distractions or emergencies wouldn't necessarily indicate reckless behavior, but it would depend on the situation.

Large truck crashes cause serious injuries and fatalities

Large trucks are involved in around one in 10 highway crashes, which in itself shows how often these vehicles end up harming others. Large truck crashes typically result in injuries, and if any party is killed, it tends to be those in the passenger vehicle. The reason for this is because the larger truck provides better protection to its driver. The smaller passenger vehicle is no match for the larger, heavier vehicle that collides with it.

In 2016, 3,986 people were killed in large truck crashes. Only 17 percent of those people were in the large trucks. Sixty-six percent were people in passenger vehicles. Sixteen percent were pedestrians, motorcyclists or bicyclists at the time of the collision.

A good helmet can save your life in a motorcycle crash

Wearing a helmet when you're on any open-air vehicle is common sense. No matter how carefully you drive, there's always the potential for someone else to overlook you on your motorcycle, causing a catastrophic crash. Even if you don't personally enjoy wearing a helmet when on your bike, in California, anyone who operates or rides on a motorcycle must wear one under state law. Those who drive motorcycles can receive a ticket if they or their passengers are not wearing helmets.

Instead of considering a helmet a frustrating legal requirement, you should view it as what it really is, a critical piece of safety gear. Buying a helmet is a means of protecting yourself and expressing yourself, as they come in many sizes, styles and colors.

What are your options after a vicious dog attack?

It only takes a second for a seemingly-friendly encounter with a dog to turn violent. An animal running loose in the park could knock you or your child to the ground and cause severe injuries. Your friend's pet may suddenly become defensive, biting and maiming you or a loved one when you visit. It's even possible for a dog to jump over a fence or out of a vehicle and attack you without warning.

The aftermath of a dog bite attack can last for months. Depending on the location and severity of the injuries and the age and overall health of the victim, hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy and psychological counseling may be necessary for a full recovery. The cost of that treatment can overwhelm many individuals and families, especially if the injuries prevent a household wage-earner from working.

Traction plays a role in many motorcycle crashes

Traction is a major factor in a crash of any type, whether it's a motorcycle accident or one with a passenger vehicle. When it comes to motorcycles, poor traction is much more serious, since there are fewer tires to support the balance of the machine.

How much traction is needed to keep motorcyclists safe? That's the critical question that has to be answered before you head out onto the roads.

Why are slip, trip and fall accidents so dangerous?

Slips, trips and falls may seem innocuous, but the truth is that they can cause serious injuries. If you slip and fall backward, you could hit your head. If you fall forward, you could break your arms or fingers when trying to catch yourself.

Slip, trip and fall accidents put your life at risk in some cases. Imagine if you slipped on a crosswalk; drivers who didn't see you could end up hitting you. If you fall onto something sharp or hot, you could end up with serious or even fatal injuries.

Who's at risk for a pedestrian accident?

Children are some of the most at-risk individuals when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Children may not fully understand the rules of the road and could make errors that lead to crashes. It's a driver's responsibility to be safe around children; it's their burden to make sure that children stay safe around traffic.

Unintentional pedestrian injuries are common among children between the ages of 5 and 19. In fact, they are the fifth-leading cause of death by injury. Teenagers are at a particularly high risk, being twice as likely to get hit and killed than children of a younger age.

What is the importance of motorcycle gear?

No matter where you plan to ride, wearing the right motorcycle gear is important for your safety. Gear does more than just protect you in the case of an impact. It keeps you cool on hot days, prevents you from getting wet and keeps you warm when it's cold. The right gear protects you in a crash and prevents injuries. It makes you stand out, too, so drivers are more likely to see you.

Motorcycle gear is something that all motorcyclists should wear but not something all motorcyclists do wear. Why not? It can be expensive, but when compared to the expense of an emergency room visit or life-changing injuries, it's worth the trouble to buy the right equipment for your ride.

It takes a joint effort to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads

Motorcyclists deserve to remain just as safe as everyone else on the roadway. It takes everyone who is driving to pay close attention to safety to make this happen. This is a big undertaking that can't be ignored because the consequences of not following safety guidelines are too serious.

There are many things that motorcyclists and drivers can do to make safety a priority. Here are some points to think about when you are getting ready to get out on the roads.

You deserve fair compensation after a serious brain injury

The brain is responsible for everything in the body. When it suffers as a result of an injury, it's possible to struggle in many different ways. The ways in which you may have trouble could vary from how others would. For instance, someone who suffers a head injury in the frontal lobe is likely to have different symptoms than someone who hit the parietal lobe.

The kind of injury suffered also plays a role in symptoms and recovery. For those who suffer contusions, the brain is bruised. Localized bleeding on the brain can cause a clot to form, which then needs to be removed surgically in many cases. It's possible to have two contusions even if you hit only one side of your head, since the impact may have been great enough to cause injuries to both sides of the brain.


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