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The dangers of negligently maintained trucks on California roads

We keep our cars in tiptop shape for a lot of reasons. To ensure we won't break down on your way to work. To maintain its value. Because we just like driving a great car.

But they all pale to the real reason why it's so important to keep our cars in great shape, with good tired tread and tiptop brakes: the safety of our families.

Mom, daughter hurt in motorized scooter crash on boardwalk

A man whose ex-wife and 11-year-old daughter were seriously injured in a motorized scooter crash while on a Southern California getaway said had one area city council banned the vehicles, the accident never would have occurred.

The mother and daughter were visiting the San Diego area from Arizona in late June and decided to take the scooter for a ride on the Mission Beach boardwalk. They were riding double and didn't have helmets on; both actions are illegal.

Rate of fatal motorcycle crashes drops in California

Motorcycle safety starts with the bikers, but other drivers also are responsible for keeping the roads safe for them. Law enforcement officers also play a role by making sure they keep a watchful eye for violations that can lead to crashes.

The teamwork that is happening in California seems to be working. The number of fatal motorcycle crashes decreased almost 30 percent from 2016 to 2017. This is a great stride for motorcycle safety. Yet, as long as there are still deaths and serious injuries occurring, there remains work to be done.

3 Southern Californians killed when car drives onto sidewalk

Tragedy struck a Southern California family out for a Sunday evening walk when a man drove his car onto a sidewalk, striking and injuring a woman and killing her three children.

The accident occurred in the unincorporated San Bernardino County community of Bloomington at 8:35 p.m., one recent Sunday. As the four people walked on the sidewalk, and the driver of a speeding Dodge Challenger lost control, wound up on the sidewalk and hit the family.

Stopping crashes: Victims need hope following collisions

Reducing and eliminating truck accidents is on the minds of many, especially those who fell victim to crashes or who lost loved ones in them. One of the most serious questions people ask is if there is really a way to stop these crashes from happening.

The answer is a resounding yes, but it takes cooperation and planning. For the most part, it's necessary to determine why trucks crash. Then, what happens afterward needs to be discussed.

What can you do to stay safer in a motorcycle crash?

Motorcyclists enjoy hitting the road in the spring, summer and fall months. In winter, the roads are clear in California, making it a popular destination for riders who want to cruise year-round. Unfortunately, there are many dangers to motorcyclists, who are at a 27 percent higher risk of being involved in a fatal crash than other drivers, based on 2014 statistics.

The good news is that there are things you can do to make it safer on the roads. You can't account for every mistake other drivers will make, but by taking time to prepare, you can be aware and hopefully prevent a crash.

Pedestrian crashes: Staying safe on the streets

You love to walk, and it's good exercise. The only problem is that you have to walk in a busy area where traffic is prominent. As a pedestrian, one of the things that's important to do is to make sure you understand the rules of the road and what to do if you encounter a dangerous driver. You should always remember that while you might have the right of way in most cases, drivers won't necessarily abide by the laws. It may be up to you to be cautious, so you don't end up putting yourself in a dangerous driver's path.

Those who are distracted or not paying attention to the road could make mistakes that put your life in danger. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you avoid a serious pedestrian crash and keep you safer.

Sand and gravel: A threat to riders

Sand and gravel are two things that can quickly turn an upright rider sideways. Traction is of the utmost importance when you're on a motorcycle, but gravel and sand are two things that could make that an impossibility.

Learning to ride on sand or gravel is vital, especially living near a beach. Gravel is a problem throughout the country and state, though. Take, for example, construction zones or rural roads; both have gravel you have to travel on. Sand, similarly, collects around beaches and in beach communities, so it's bound to be on roads, in parking lots and other areas.

Dog bite dangers: The summer months

Every summer, there is an increased risk of dog bites happening. Dog bites are more likely to occur when there are more people participating in activities with pets or outside in general. For instance, when school lets out, there are potentially thousands more children playing outside or at their homes or friends' homes.

There is always a risk of a dog bite when you put children and dogs together, even if the dog is a pet. Remember, even the best pet can become snippy if it is ill, aggravated or feels threatened.

Speed limits matter in pedestrian safety

When vehicles travel above the posted speed limits, they do more than put drivers and vehicular passengers at risk. In fact, the reality is that pedestrians face a higher risk of death if they're impacted.

If you're hit, you could face serious injuries, but not in every circumstance. In fact, the speeds involved in your collision play a major role in injury, with lower speeds potentially leading to nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. Here's what to know.


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