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Riding your motorcycle in the rain? Stay safe with this guide

If you own a motorcycle, you already know that there's nothing like the freedom of the open road -- and you've probably already taken your bike out of its winter storage so that you can head back out on the road.

But April showers abound, so it's important to remember that riding in the rain requires a little extra care to stay safe. Here's a guide:

How dangerous is a jackknifed semitruck to the other traffic?

If you ever sat in bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic after an accident involving a jackknifed semitruck, you may have wondered just how the truck driver managed to get their rig maneuvered into such a disastrous position in the first place.

Jackknifing begins with a skid and can wind up causing horrific, even fatal, injuries. Read on to understand just how dangerous a jackknifed semitruck can be.

How to prove a store’s premises liability

All stores, restaurants and vicinities that are open to the public have certain responsibilities and obligations to keep people safe. Unfortunately, however, many people become injured due to unsafe conditions in these premises. Those who have become injured due to negligence on premises such as retail stores may be able to take action to claim damages.

If you have recently needed to seek medical attention due to being injured in a retail store, you must consider taking action to gain back damages. You should not have to suffer financially due to an incident that was not your fault. If successful, you may be able to gain full compensation for medical expenses and lost wages that resulted from the injury. In addition, you may be able to also gain damages for the pain and suffering caused.

What causes a truck to lose its load?

There's a steady stream of goods being transported daily around the nation -- most of them in commercial trucks of some kind or another. All that cargo has to be properly secured, however, for truckers to make it safely to their destinations. Mistakes can be devastating.

The problem is that loading errors are far too common. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)`has strict rules in place that govern how cargo is secured, those rules aren't always followed in practice.

Why are rural roads more dangerous?

When you look at the sheer traffic volume, it feels like the city should be far more dangerous than rural roads. You have massively more traffic, on smaller streets, and you have a lot of pedestrians, cyclists and joggers to contend with. Why, then, do the statistics show that a majority of the fatal car accidents in the United States happen in rural areas?

There are a few reasons, and the top one is speed. City traffic levels may be far higher overall, but a lot of those cars drive between 15 and 45 miles per hour. You have numerous crashes that result in injuries but not fatalities just because the cars are moving slowly. Rural crashes at 60 or 70 mph are less common but vastly more likely to lead to death.

Do not 'brake check' another driver

Do you know how "brake checking works?" It's fairly simple. When one driver starts tailgating another, the driver in front decides to aggressively hit their brakes. This forces the tailgater to brake just as hard and possibly swerve to avoid a crash. People do it to "teach a lesson" to tailgaters.

The second thing you should know about this practice is that you should never do it. It's dangerous and unnecessary. Many people consider it to be just a type of road rage. It can cause accidents that never would have happened otherwise.

Why do kids get struck by cars?

A leading cause of death among children, especially those between the age of 5 and 9, is getting struck by a car. Kids often are struck because they're left to navigate the crossing of a street alone despite not being mature or experienced enough to do so.

It takes great skill to gauge how long it will take a car to reach where you're at. You must have reasonable foresight to anticipate a car turning into your path from a side street or parking lot. Determining how long it will take for a car to stop at a traffic light or for you to cross the street is also a skill.

Road rash can quickly become a serious injury

One of the risks that come with motorcycle crashes is road rash. While this is often considered one of the best injuries to suffer, it can turn into a serious matter. Motorcyclists can sometimes reduce the chance that they will end up with road rash by wearing protective clothing when they ride. This isn't always foolproof, so knowing a bit about road rash is beneficial.

Road rash can cover a large area of the body. The abrasions may be painful. Because of the broken skin, there is a risk that the area will become infected. In most cases, the rash will heal in around two weeks; however, more serious wounds and ones that become infected can lead to prolonged healing.

Traumatic brain injuries not always detectable after accidents

A traffic accident on one of Los Angeles County's crowded streets left a big bump on your head and an even bigger headache.

But when should you start to worry that it might be something much more serious than that?

Speed and your injuries: How speed impacts your crash wounds

As you may know, the speed at which you're hit as a pedestrian plays a major role in how serious your injuries are going to be. Yes, everyone knows about the outliers, like a person hit on the highway who has nothing but a scratch or a person who is run over and can walk away, but for the most part, people have greater injuries when the car that hit them was traveling at a high speed.

Speed isn't the only factor that plays a role in the injuries you suffer, but it's one that you need to think about. When you choose to cross the road in a residential neighborhood, your risk of injury and death is lower (based on the 25 mph speed limit) compared to if you attempt to cross a 70 mph highway and are hit.


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