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Woman flees scene when asked for identification, injures child

When you hire a babysitter, you want him or her to be responsible with your child. The last thing you want to find out is that he or she took your child on a car ride and caused a collision that resulted in your child's injuries.

That's what happened in this case, according to a story from Nov. 8. A babysitter had a 7-year-old child in the backseat of her vehicle when she rear-ended another car on Valley Drive at approximately 3:45 p.m. The woman got out of her vehicle and apologized while leaving the child in the back seat. The other driver said the woman didn't look drunk or intoxicated.

1 killed, others injured in taco stand crash

When a person is driving, he or she has a responsibility to others on and around the road. That responsibility is to drive safely and to avoid causing injuries. When a driver chooses to speed, drink and drive or race others, he or she is making the choice to put others at risk. That's what happened in this case involving a little girl in Boyle Heights.

An 11-year-old girl was killed in a crash in Boyle Heights while two others suffered injuries. According to the Nov. 10 report, a Mustang collided with two other vehicles that were visiting a taco stand in Boyle Heights. The vehicle had been traveling west while speeding when the driver lost control of the car. The driver crossed the center line on Whittier Boulevard before crashing into a pickup truck and sedan parked at the taco stand.

3 ways to avoid traffic collisions during the holidays

The holiday season is approaching, and with it, the risk for collisions. While California doesn't have some of the extreme weather changes seen in other parts of the United States, there are still unique challenges for drivers during the holidays.

Whether it's avoiding rain-related traffic errors, busy holiday traffic jams or drunk drivers, there are many things drivers have to watch out for. Here are a few tips for how to stay safer during the holidays.

Pedestrians: At risk on the roads and in crosswalks

For pedestrians, paying attention isn't always enough to prevent a traffic accident. Drivers come from seemingly nowhere in some cases, hitting pedestrians who had every right to cross the street. Sometimes, it comes down to poor crosswalks, and other times, it's a result of negligence.

For the elderly, crossing the street is a particular hazard. For example, one woman, 77, claims that she can't get through a crosswalk quickly and isn't agile enough to dodge a vehicle if the driver comes through unexpectedly. Some drivers notice her, but they still pass through the intersection because she's not in their direct path. That's illegal.

3 preventable causes of truck crashes

Truck accidents happen suddenly, but many drivers show signs of problems well before an accident takes place. For example, if you've ever driven down the road and noticed the vehicle swaying in and out of the lane, then you've probably already recognized that something is wrong with the vehicle or driver.

Paying attention to the roads is necessary to keep people safe, but many don't do what they need to do to remain attentive. Some people use their cellphones, go without the necessary sleep and ignore traffic laws. Here are a few common reasons why truck drivers crash.

Driver accused in case involving 13 deaths

In many motor vehicle accidents, there are multiple people to blame. For example, a truck driver moving too quickly is breaking the law, but that doesn't necessarily mean he or she should be held accountable for someone rear-ending his or her vehicle.

This is a case like that. A truck driver has been arrested on the suspicion that he had been the one who caused the deaths of 13 people during a 2016 crash, despite the fact that the evidence doesn't support that claim directly. The crash took place on the 10 Freeway, which is located near Palm Springs.

Are motorcycle accidents happening more often in California?

As someone who enjoys heading out on your motorcycle, you want to know that people are becoming safer on the roads. Vehicles are getting safer, so that should mean that crashes are less likely. The truth is that while motorcycle fatalities have dropped in California, the same is not true throughout the United States. Over 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in 2015, which was an increase from the 4,548 killed in 2014. Overall, the number of people killed in motorcycle crashes rose 10 percent between 2014 and 2015.

In California, fatalities have dropped, thankfully. They dropped by 7 percent. That doesn't mean that California's total death count was low, though. In fact, it is second only to the State of Florida when it comes to the total number of people killed on motorcycles.

Mother of 6 killed in crash involving alleged drunk driver

There is no loss that is more devastating than the loss of a family member. It's felt by everyone in the family, from the parents to the children that have been left behind. It's a tragedy, which is why those who remain have a right to pursue compensation from those who caused the fatality.

This mother killed in a crash after visiting her newborn twins is a devastating loss. Her husband told the news that the mother had waited 15 years to have her newborn baby girls. She had to travel back and forth to the hospital to see the premature girls, which is why she was on the roads the night she was hit.

Cyclists are in danger when they're on the roads

In 2015, there were 818 people killed riding their bikes in the United States. This is a significant increase over the previous years, which is a concern for people who enjoy riding. The increase may be due, in part, to a growth in the number of people choosing to ride their bikes for enjoyment or to get around their towns or cities. When more people are on the roads, it's more likely for someone to get hurt or killed while cycling.

Only a small fraction of the number of bicycle accidents that take place are reported to police. Many people, if they're hit but not badly hurt, may take themselves to the hospital or fail to file a report. It's important that you file a report no matter what. That report can help you obtain the compensation you need from the person who struck you. If he or she left the scene, you can give the police any information you have on the vehicle in hopes of stopping the driver before he or she gets too far away.

Crash involving alleged drunk driver leads to 3 deaths

Losing a loved one is a tragedy that no family should have to face. It's devastating when you find out that a loved one has passed away due to someone else's negligence. If you find out the fatal injuries suffered were a result of drunk driving, you have every right to be upset and to want to see the case through, so your family member gets the justice he or she deserves.

On off-duty officer has been accused of being under the influence at the time of a collision that caused the deaths of three people. A Sept. 27 news report indicated that the Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation into the case after one of the department's officers was placed under arrest on suspicion of being drunk following a fatal crash.


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